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Infinite 6
By Kristi Goldstein

What Is Infinite 6?

Infinite 6 was Created by Health Coach, Kristi Goldstein.

It is a System that is based on the Foundation of 6 Modalities: 

Pilates, Gyrotonic, Functional Training, Yoga, Reiki, and Nutrition.

Kristi works with people of All Ages and Abilities. Her Unique Training Allows her to Customize Programs based on your Personal Needs and Desires to Achieve your Ultimate Health Goals.

Clifftop Yoga
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About Me

Kristi Ganulin – Goldstein, CPT

Kristi began her love for movement at a young age during her years as a gymnast; for her it was another form of flying. She took her gymnastic career to the collegiate level and graduated with a BA in Business. Kristi suffered many injuries as a gymnast, as her career shifted, she had to heal herself. She worked in Healthcare but discovered it was not truly healing people. She went back to college to study the body as a whole. Kristi is certified through NASM, Pilates (UNLV physical therapy), Gyrotonic ( Juliu Horvath), Yoga 500 hr RYT , Reiki, and nutrition. This has taken her full circle with the mind, body, and nourishment connection. She brings her expertise and energy into every class and private lesson she teaches. Kristi’s diverse background, holistic approach and understanding of body movement patterns gives her the ability to individualize each clients program both privately and, in a class, setting. She helps keep strength and balance in her client’s bodies and minds to aid in injury prevention, and stress relief to help their performance quality and functionality daily. Kristi has been told, she is magic and a true angel in the way she rids pain from people’s bodies and starts the healing process

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Private Coaching

Work on Your

Personal Goals

Sit Ups

Group Training

Fun & High Energy Conditioning Workout With Friends!


Connect Mind Body & Spirit 

Yoga at Home


Connects Whole Body 


Lengthens Muscles

Strengthens Joints

Reiki Treatment


Movement of Energy Through the Body


Nourishment For You & You're Body

Supplements For Improved Benefits

Diet Plan
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Hydrogen Water

  • Improves Recovery 

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Hydration

Discover the Difference Between

Hydrogen Infused Water and Alkaline Water

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Contact Me


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